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Kunst als Botschafter

Art as an Ambassador

An Embassy Founding Project

(Turkey / Armenia 2016)









As a friendly declaration of intend to found the until today not existing diplomatic relations between
the Republic of Turkey and the Republik of Armenia this art project was initiated in 2016 by the two artists Horst Hoheisel and Andreas Knitz.


With this project of founding diplomatic relations, first as an art intervention and herald to initiate later real embassies in both countries, they continue with the ideas and dreams of Hrant Dink about normalization of relations and to foster dialogue between Turkish and Armenian people.

It is an ongoing project combined with travels and art workshops on both sides of the closed 311 km long Turkish-Armenian border until the politicians of both countries will establish offical embassies.

In the sense of Hrant Dink, only from this moment the efforts dedicated to discuss and deal with the legacy of the Armenian Genocide can be encouraged.

With this reversible imprinted brass-plates a first travel occurred in May 2017 as a kind of mobile Embassy in Armenia and Turkey together with the children of Hrant Dink, meeting people in both countries.
Wherever they had been, that place was declared as an Embassy.


Horst Hoheisel & Andreas Knitz (2016)











Istanbul / Entrance to the building of the AGOS Newspaper (former desk of AGOS)

The son of Hrant Dink holds the brass plate at that place where his father was shot to death on the January 19th 2007.

Yerevan / A public space between the Embassy of France and the Embassy of Italy as a temporary place to

initiate an Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Armenia


Lecture in Istanbul May 2019  

Introducing the Embassy-Project - Min 22:00 onward